Muris Uzunovic

It’s unbelievable the transformation I had in 3 months with GD’s mentoring. I went from zero to 5 figure monthly income, with absolutely no previous experience whatsoever. All I can say is that Gezim is the real deal!

Rob Huntly

I met Gezim about 6 years ago and have since watched him transform into a knowledgeable internet marketer. I have asked him to coach me to build my online business - having seen his success; I wanted a piece of the pie!

Then Irumporrai

Working long hours in the medical profession, made me look for an alternative. I met Gezim and with his mentoring, I hit my goal of 5 figure income within 14 weeks!

Stuart Smith

I was sceptical first as to whether I can make money with this internet thing! I didn't know anything about it! But, with Gezim’s coaching, I am now making a 5 figure monthly income!

Alex Meah

I work as a car mechanic and didn’t know anything about online marketing, let alone making money from it. That was until I meat Gezim, who made it look so simple for me and under his mentorship I now make money every day. I actually still can’t believe I’m making money with it! Gezim is the man for it!

Day Ashton

I'd like to share what a great help Gezim has been to me as a mentor & trainer. Not being too young anymore and relatively new to internet marketing and building an online business, his training has helped me tremendously. I have learned so much regarding building sales funnels, marketing, Facebook marketing, making videos & video marketing and much more. His training has been invaluable. There have been a good number of "aha!" moments when things fell into place in my mind. It is up to me to put everything into practice - a number of things are already in place and I can see the benefit of it. He has been very supportive and motivating. So, if you are looking for a trainer and mentor, I can highly recommend Gezim. I will certainly be making use of his expertise in the future as well.

Gillian Lourens

It is a real privilege for me to be able to share with you how Gezim has helped me to become successful in Internet Marketing. I have been working Online for only a short time comparatively but, as my trainer and mentor, Gezim has given me incentive to get to a high level in a short time. What I appreciate most about Gezim’s training and mentoring is that it is packed with practical information that I can go and apply immediately! Gezim’s guidance has enabled me to gain knowledge regarding a wide range of vital Online Marketing techniques, e.g. building and using sales funnels, making videos to use in Video Marketing, Facebook Marketing … to name but a few. I highly recommend Gezim as an experienced Internet Marketer, mentor and trainer – his motivation, patience and genuine interest has been invaluable to me.

Randeep Sidhu

I would like to give a true and honest testimonial for Gezim Dancja who has helped me a great deal with building my business and many others along the way. He knows what he is talking about and has been a Mentor and Coach for me whenever I needed to turn to someone or whenever I got stuck with something. My high recommendations for him always.

Ajanta Kaza (The Ayurvedic Clinic)

As a small business launching new products and promoting existing services, we wanted someone who would help us navigate through all the options on marketing ourselves to find the most effective and suitable option for us. Gezim made it all simple to understand, took the time to set it all out for us and we felt we were in good hands. He has coached us on how to continue with our marketing and keep the momentum going. Without Jimmy, we wouldn’t have been able to get it all going … and it’s all going well!

Bob Martin (Derrywood Kitchens)

We used to waste money with different people promising us result which we never got. This was until Gezim took over our marketing and everything changed. He basically put our company on the map and made us rise above our competition. I can never thank him enough for what he done for our company.

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