I’ve always believed that success starts with our mind set! The attitude of our mind depends upon what we think. Therefore, the secret of all our power, achievement and ability to attract possessions around us depends upon our method of thinking.

Our thinking creates our reality – that is now proven scientifically! Charles Haanel said - we must “BE” before we can “DO”, and we can “DO” only to extent which we “ARE”, and what we “ARE” depends upon what we “THINK”.

So the best kept secret for the fast track to success is investing in your own self-development and gaining valuable knowledge from a great mentor.

In 2014, I decided to make a living working from home as an online marketer. It was a challenging decision, as this involved mastering many new skills. This decision was driven by my strong desire to spend more time with my wife and three kids. I needed to grasp this online business fast and the only way I could do that was by taking the Fastlane. I learned from DeMarco’s book “The Millionaire Fastlane” that- To force change, change must come from your beliefs and that you roadmap outlines those beliefs. Each roadmap is governed by a wealth equation and predisposed to a financial destination –SIDEWALK to poorness, SLOWALNE to mediocrity, and the FASTLANE to wealth.

So in the same year, I invested about $90,000 borrowed money in my self-development and mentorship. I wanted to learn from the best, the fast movers and the big earners. For example just one of my mentor’s coaching programs cost 20k. This was well worth it, considering he was making 1Million per month and was able to teach me to do the same. This mentoring put me directly in the Fastlane and rapidly increased my learning curve and guaranteed my success!

If you’re an entrepreneur, would like to become one, or you want a change in your life, I believe I have some insights and experiences that can help you transform two key areas of your life: Awakening your true power and Achieving Financial Freedom – that is my mission.


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